fast as lightening

Rumor has it that someone in my neighborhood had a slumber party for 8 year old Kung Fu Panda Warriors. Can you believe such nonsense? Who in their right mind would do such a thing? Oh wait.

party favors
There was noodle relay races and marshmallows to be nabbed by chopsticks; candy sushi to go.*

kung fu panda master
Birthday boy and guests learned martial art moves and then took to the backyard with ammo and nerf guns, fighting over bullets and taking sides.

(I had a Che flashback.)
Lexi & easter eggs
And suddenly, it was Easter.
zack and the easter eggs
[I'm a little taken aback too Zack. That's how I have felt for weeks now.]

*Yes, yes: I've been taken to task by my 2nd grader over it too. I realize Po the Kung Fu Panda was in China and sushi is a Japanese treat. However, I heard that Po went on to have many great adventures in Japan, *after* the movie and being the great foodie that he is, he came to love sushi. So it works. It does.


lapoflux said…
That's some party!
Geez, 2nd graders these days. I think the Sushi looks yummy!
Glad everyone had a great time - pretty eggs!
flutter said…
you are the best mom, ever.
Stu said…
If your kids turn their noses up at candy sushi, let me know, I'll drive right over.

katydidnot said…
po totally dug sushi. i, however, do not. yech.
Karen Jensen said…
how smart are you! Sushi!
~Swankymama said…
That looks like a great party! What a great mom!!
I hope I grown up to be a rockingly awesome mom some day, just like you.
Ditto to flutter. You win the Hip Mom award and that's that.
Shana said…
You are the kung fu hostess with the mostest : )
Lisa's Dad said…
Zack's picture looks like "The Drama Squirrel"! Cute for sure(All of them!). Love, Papa

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