wrapping up a busy weekend, the hot coffee and sick girl edition

Oh beloved weekend! Where did you go?

PTA bingo at school on Friday night. Check.

Scrubbing house, before and after charity event for Sunday's Open house. Check.

Taking pictures of the motley crew, pre-Costume ball? Check.

Hanging out with Bad People. Check.
happy birthday, Lori
Celebrating Aunt Lori's birthday. Check.

Church, swimming lessons, open house and movie with best friends. Check, check and checkedy check check.

And just when I was ready to call it an evening, my girl tripped through my bedroom door, flushed and sweaty and queasy too.

It's raining hard this morning, and I'm taking solace in a hot cup of tea right now, nestled with my girl, hoping Monday turns around.


Shana said…
I hope Lexi feels better soon.

Love the pirate wench costume, unless of course that's just how you dress, in which case, oops, love the outfit.
Suzanne said…
You're one hot lookin' wench!
You look totally hawt in your costume.

I hope your girl feels better soon.
oliver rain said…
Your daughter looks so cute and so do you! Hope everyone is better now.
This Girl said…
You look hot in that costume. Hope Lexi feels better soon.
Jodi Anderson said…
I love your costume!

This last weekend went by way, way, WAY too fast. Thank goodness Monday is OVER.
Great frankenstein costume! Hope your daughter gets well soon.
lapoflux said…
You're going to have boys knocking on your door soon with Miss Lexi looking that cute! Of course she takes after her lovely Mama (who looks pretty darn cute herself!)

House showing? Any news??
stephanie said…
I'm glad we could share part of the weekend with you (not the sick girl stuff though; done that...hehe).

You definitely got the Hot Prize Saturday night.

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