turning the day around

It was a rough start - I hate to begin there, when so many moments are sweeter - but I was one more 'Mooommm, where are my ______?' away from pulling a Betty Draper, rifle in hand, shooting birds out of the sky.

(Which would be tough to pull off, considering I don't own a gun or smoke. But the thought crossed my mind.)

Three half days in a row had messed up our routine. (Parent-teacher conferences. It's bound to happen, although I'd gladly take a whole Friday off over this schedule.)

I gave up on my Mad Men fantasy and managed to turn the day around, making potato-leek soup, and then tomatillo salsa, giving my food processor a whirl.

After homework and chores were done - whew - we headed to Elk Rock Island, accessible this time of year on foot, with some ladies who were up for an adventure.
lisa & sage at elk rock island
I'm always fascinated by this landscape, this world we live in.
elk rock 3
It's a gift, I know, to still be surprised in an age when it's easy to become cynical. (I'm looking at you, November 4th. The TV ads alone might be the end of me and any cheer I can muster.)
rock climbing
I am thankful.
kids with sage
Greg beat us home; our tacos were waiting for us once we made it through traffic.
carving pumpkins2
And I kept my promise to finally carve pumpkins with the kids.
steps to former clubhouse during prohibition
The fresh air did me some good.


Five years ago today, we put in our offer on this house, after putting in some hours beating the streets and begging for candy. Houses were in high demand. Another offer came in, sometime after 2 am. We weren't the only folks in costumes, filling out paperwork, it seems.

Our For Sale sign looks sad these days, surrounded by leaves and little hope. But today, I'm remembering just how grateful I was to call this place my own.

It helps.


Anonymous said…
I was that mom this morning too! We Mammas need our routines!!
Shana said…
That's such a great place to go for a little escape!
Jennifer S said…
Beautiful place to get your bearings. Looks like the kids loved it.

(I wish it wasn't still 90 every day here...I'd give anything to have a reason to put on a fleece!)

And I'm glad you were able to turn the day around.
Mrs. G. said…
We do live in the most beautiful state in the world.
stephanie said…
Gorgeous pictures and people, but even better? That we get to see you everyday, still.
flutter said…
I LOVE Lexi's coat
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful place! And Ca-Ute kids!
Nora said…
Glad to see I'm not the only one who has brought Mad Men into her daily life... :-)
Shana said…
Because I lack creativity, guess where we went today? Elk Rock Island. Thanks!
Erika said…
i want to go here with you - where is this magical place you escaped to!?!?!? I want to go!!!!! sorry i have been under a rock, i miss you too & glad to be out of it here soon.

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