I didn't forget the ass report

A friend was leaving my house last week, when she hollered something about hoping to catch the wretched virus going around the school - the one the public health officials sent notes home about because of it's pukey goodness - to lose a few extra pounds. A few pounds, I might add, she doesn't need to subtract.

Clearly, I do not sure that kind of fervor. Yes, I am working out and I think it has been the key to the keeping the hounds of hell away. While I walk or dance or stretch, I am less likely to worry about the economy or the election or the way darkness will soon be shrouding the sun before 5 pm each day.

flock & fiber ass
Then my son takes this ever so flattering 3/4 shot and it is pretty clear that while my activity level is great, my eating habits still need some work.

flock & fiber ass
(And I need some new dance moves.)

So this week I have revamped my eating, getting back to whole foods. Almost no sugar. Lots of veggies. Green tea. More water.

It will be a few weeks before I will be able to tell if these efforts are working, at least on the scale.

But I feel better, just knowing that I am taking good care of my blue ribbon butt heart, and making myself over, from the inside out.


Jodi Anderson said…
While I am all for nourishing and moving our bodies, I'd like to throw all scales on railroad tracks and let them be destroyed.

I wish, when we went to the doctor's office, they'd just say, "So, how are your clothes fitting these days?"

That aside, good for you. I'm a good eater (meaning healthy, vegan, nourishing), but I tend to slack in moving. That's my challenge this month ... moving my body A LOT.
Saucy said…
You are truly a good person for trying to eat better. I had pie for breakfast and then for lunch I had some carrot cake with some pie. Life is short. At least, for me it will be if I keep eating like this.
Mrs. G. said…
Like Saucy, my food today consisted of a triple shot latte, some maple crunch granola, some chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels, some Oreos and a Lean Cuisine. Niiiice.

Keep inspiring me.
I really don't know why I even said 'scales' because I threw mine out.

We had an unhealthy relationship, me and those numbers, so I opted for how clothes fit/tape measure - and unflattering pictures taken by a seven year old.

(I will meet my scales destiny when I see the rheumatologist next month, and he will discuss getting this weight off. It's coming. I know it. It's motivating.)
Shana said…
I don't know where you get the idea that you need new dance moves. The robot is a timeless classic. Timeless, I tell you!

Good for you on the eating revamp. I set an October goal of one fresh fruit or veggie per day. How sad is it that that is a goal and not just a simple part of my daily routine?

And, hey, if you're not happy with your ass, at least you can be proud that it got 1st Place!
Anonymous said…
So true! Exercise and good eating help to ease the pain of the rest of the world (although sometimes the trader joe's ice cream sandwiches have the same yummy effect!) I think you look beautiful! No wishing for dreadful tummy bugs, yuck!
Erika said…
YOu are so very right - the whole foods way to go is the way to go. I have "Skinny Bitch" waiting for toilet activities, and everytime I read a page they make me feel like crap. get rid of ALL dairy?! cant... just cant... will have to do other things....

can this whole movement wait till Sunday? We have popcorn tonight :( :(

PS Thank you for the plug on the side - super cute. ALSO super cute new top - will you teach me how you do that!? So very cute! Love the costumes up top - when was that?! :)
You're definately going about it the right way. I was inspired a few weeks ago. Today? Not so much. Hate that.
Your efforts are inspiring and will work! And you are a Blue Ribbon woman. And I totally love your ass (in a hetero way).
San Diego Momma said…
I've been doing the whole foods, no sugar thing for awhile, but have been lax lately. Thx for the inspiration to start back up. I actually prefer eating this way, it's more filling (thank you, fiber).

And by the way, the ass is looking good, Milton. Lookin' good.
flutter said…
and gorgeous every step of the way
lapoflux said…
I've spent years convinced that chocolate is a food group. Are you SURE it isn't?? Dang!

I applaud your efforts and your new eating habits. I need to try the same. And exercise really does seem to help with perspective on world events.

Keep up the good work!!!
Suzanne said…
Dude, you won a blue ribbon... I'd just focus on that awesome little fact.

My butt is growing... not shrinking in any way. And the baby doesn't gestate in the butt area, so I'm just really confused about my condition.
stephanie said…
Bless you & your wholesome ways. I would like to say I'll join you, but you know me.

Should we laugh or cry? Or finger wag. That might work with me.

(Would you please share popcorn with us at the movie though? How about take some and throw it on the floor out of sight?)

:D I think you're fantastic no matter what.
Good for you for making those positive changes!
Stu said…
I actually was going to mention the other day when you dropped off the kids that you looked good and that Jazz Hands has been working...

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