the Nie Nie Dialogues and the talented Mrs. Beanpaste

I have to admit: I didn't read the The NieNie Dialogues before the accident, I just missed it somehow.

Now I can't stop thinking about Stephanie and Christian Nielson, fighting for their lives after a private plane crash, a short time ago.

I can't do their heartbreaking story justice; I don't want to reduce their plight into a blog bite in the short time I have this morning so I'm going to let others doing the talking for me.

Go see Melanie over at Beanpaste. She's auctioning off three fabulous web design packages for the Nielsons' sake. Bidding ends tomorrow at midnight so hop to it.

Read updates from Stephanie's sister at c jane, mother to a newborn, now caring for her four nieces and nephews. The devotion between this gaggle of sisters is unmistakable.

Need more auction options? Design Mom is the place to turn.

Like the feel of paper in your hand? Donations can be sent to:

Christian & Stephanie Nielson Rehab Fund
P.O. Box 8850 Mesa, AZ 85214

Cards to:

c/o c jane
2250 N. University Parkway #4876
Provo, Utah

*thanks* and God be with their family


Ahhh! Stop sending people to bid against me.

Seriously? You are great to do this plug.

And? Everyone should bid.

Melanie is both a saint for doing not one, but THREE, and she's a genius with mastheads.

Oh, and Mrs. G. says that the mastheads cause weight loss. Mrs. G. never lies, so I bid and bid and bid over there at BeanPaste.
Melanie said…
Thanks, Lisa! (And a continued big thanks to Cheri, the biddingest fox in Blogger Town.)
flutter said…
I *love* nie nie
Anonymous said…
I am in the same boat as you. I didn't read until after the accident. Good for you putting this out there even more!
Yes! Thanks for spreading the word on Nie Nie!
Beck said…
I had never read her until the accident, either, and now I've read her whole blog, heartbroken at what is going to happen to that pretty family.
The whole thing is so heart breaking and heart lifting all in the same moment. I find myself smiling over the outpouring of love, and choking back tears over this poor family's hurting.
holly said…
sending good thoughts.
That is so completely heart braking. Thank you for this post.
Nora said…
I have been thinking of this family a lot lately too. You are nice to say so out loud.
Solo-Mommy said…
Thanks Lisa for putting this to many of our attention.
I am not in the blogoshpere as much as I could be, but I am glad to have found her site and I watched the Today show clip. I will certainly be praying for them both on this very difficult road to recovery they have. What a blessing it is to have close family ties.
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