Greg and his guide, Zack, running blindly for the win...

This week has done little to restore my faith. I'm trying, but stumbling. I'm miffed at our economy, sympathetic to the hard working people in my life that are going to feel these bumpy times.

I know my husband will be working long(er) hours for the next couple of months. I miss him already.

(Did I mention the county stepped in to investigate some nasty gastroenteritis lurking at the school? They canceled curriculum night until the epidemic is under control. Ug! I'm considering plastering their floors with plastic bags as a preventative measure.)

But today I have things to do, light fixtures calling out to be cleaned; bathrooms to scrub. In the midst of this money meltdown, our realtors are putting an ad in the paper for an open house this Sunday.

Seems mighty optimistic of them.

I think I'll try to follow their lead and focus my mind on a brighter future, with shiny new light bulbs and a renewed spirit to press on.


~Swankymama said…
What a wonderful attitude! I applaud you for picking yourself up by your bootstraps and carrying on.

Well done.
Karen Jensen said…
You gotta have faith, baby.
Calls for us to have a good attitude seem a bit hollow in the face of everything going on in the world, don't they? Way to keep going.
flutter said…
I love the light in this photo, so indicative of faith
Shana said…
What a great picture. I hope your open house is a raging success. Keep the faith : )
Stu said…
Great picture.

Good luck on Sunday.

Suzanne said…
Now I have the George Michael song stuck in my head...

Good attitude, Mama. (And that photo is precious.)
I'm with you on the faith. My husb is in the spec housing market (builds and sells). If credit dries up, well .... we just won't think about that unless we have to. And I'm "banking" (har har) on the "won't have to" answer.
If the mountain was smooth, we couldn't climb it.

I heard someone say that once, and I think about it all the time when things are tough. These bumps are opportunities for growth, but it still hurts going over them.

Sending you love. Send some back to me, k? It's been a rough week around here too.

holly said…
you've got it right to think about a bright future. things are cyclic, and this too shall pass.
JCK said…
Thinking good thoughts for the future (soon!) house sale.

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