ass project '08, gaining momentum

I haven't forgotten my pledge, my quest to lose some weight, and more importantly, to me, gain my health back.

I managed to walk some while in Bermuda and if dancing into the wee hours of the morning counts, I put in some time on my vacation, but I knew when I returned I'd need to hit the real dance floor again.

(We didn't exactly lift weights in the nightclub.)

Sadly, my little jazz hands were grounded. I was sidelined by first the flu, and then a sinus infection.

But I haven't given up.

I've been working out again, despite a sore back (whether this speaks to my determination or folly is yet to be seen) and when I took my measurements again a couple of days ago, I had lost 1/2" off my hips.

me & the kids

Greatest reward, this week: Big spike in energy levels. Maybe there's some truth to all this talk about endorphins.


I was going to curl up and die but you've inspired me. I'm going to go work out instead.

And -then- I'll curl up and die. =)
Yes! Dancing counts! It really does. And you look marvelous.

Vacations and illness have sidelined my abs project commitment, but I'll be good as new and back at it, hopefully very soon.

Now, do you think spooning macadamia nut ice cream in Maui counts? Think of how many repetitions I did. Say it counts, please.
Mrs. G. said…
Go Lisa, Go Lisa, Go Lisa!!!!!
Madge said…
i've been trying too. i sure could sure use the extra energy right about now.....

keep it up.
Shana said…
Half an inch is awesome! Jealous.
flutter said…
you are gorgeous.
JCK said…
That's fantastic! I also recommend lots of sex. Just sayin...
katydidnot said…
yay you. i'm all over the ass project. dancing counts.
I so want to do the measurement thing. So I can see a difference there, maybe, hopefully. The scales simply WILL NOT BUDGE. Nor will my determination to eat more calories than I could possibly burn off exercising. sigh.
stephanie said…
I enjoyed the dipping of my toe into your wacky world of exercise on Wednesday...

You are a rock star, my friend.
Way to go!! I love this ass project 08!
holly said…

yay for the endorphins! they are my favorite of the phins!

i need to look up what the ass project sounds good.

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