Case of the Mondays

It is late at night, getting there anyway, and I am still trying to eke out a post. I haven't sat down long enough since Friday to think much less type. I have that undefined Monday funk; I feel a little adrift. Nothing a good night's sleep can't remedy.
I did write a slightly longer post at Much to My Sjogren.
Check out the new search engine made just for momblogs at Scribbit. Great blog; fun way to scout out other blogs. (Just don't abandon me. I feel fragile and uninspired today.)


Scribbit said…
I understand, I feel like I haven't had time for things I usually do lately and there aren't enough hours in the day. Plus nothing has happened of interest around here. Nothing to blog about except old craft ideas. They're good in a pinch but not exactly inspiring :)
stephanie said…
there is no abandoning! if you can stick with me through scrotum talk, we're good for your least you try - i can't even make an attempt if it doesn't feel pulitzer-worthy in my brain.
Anonymous said…
(I tried to post on your other blog but can not as a non-blogger so here is my comment to "sneaky")


This post reminded me of my Mom. You are tough. It takes a lot of effort to not let everyone around you know how crappy you feel. My Mom rarely ever made a peep about being sick. I admired her for her strength and I admire you too.

Scribbit said…
I'm updating my comment to add that I'm making the code available for any who want it for their own blog. It works great for Blogger blogs, I'm still working on tweaking it for Wordpress. Also, someone's creating a graphic that will link back to my blog for it if that is more appealing.
Ah, faithful, kind friends, your words of encouragement mean a lot.
Thanks! =]

(Oh, and I fixed my other blog so it can get comments. I didn't realize it was set that way. Thanks 2x)

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