January 2nd? It is not known for being a prime party day. Everyone is: Tired, Broke, Hungover/Dieting, Locked in a Padded Cell.

Post-Holidays, and most people want to take to their bed.

But not these hearty souls. They showed up - and believe me when I say that means more to me than I can say, especially when some people did not - and gave Greg quite a wingding.

So happy birthday, a few days late, to my sweet hubby.

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Madge said…
sweet sweet picture. i hope it was a great birthday and a great party.
Stu said…
We had a great time. Thank you so much for the invite.
Karen Jensen said…
You two are so cute!
Thank you for coming Stu, & thank you for the sweet compliments, friends. We really did have a fun time. (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the wine. :))
Just taking a break from my padded cell to say hi ;)

A party on Jan 2 sounds like a great idea...! Happy birthday to your hubby!
JCK said…
I just KNOW that Stephanie is a friend to count on. And her Stu right there with her. What wonderful friendships you all share. So lovely to read about.

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