coming down

coming down
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Our big maple has been coming apart in chucks, taking out fences and making sleep hard to come by when the wind howls.

We figure it's only a matter of time before the whole thing goes, and the arborist we consulted agrees.

She's coming down today.

I hate to see a tree go; I love the shade, the squirrels, the leaves.

Our hamster is buried beneath it. The sky will look scarred when I step out in the evenings with my dogs.

I tell myself the peace of mind is worth it, but when I leave for work this morning, I plan to linger for just a moment, just one more moment.


Jodi Anderson said…
Aw, darn it. I really understand your nostalgia about a tree. My husband wants to take down the shed and an OLD apple tree that doesn't even make fruit anymore.

I, however, am more concerned with the large maple an a very obvious crack ... which he seems oblivious too.

Um, well, I guess that they are all staying put for now. So, I shall grieve for your tree instead. xoxo
Russell said…
Aw. It's like watching an old friend fade away. I know what you mean.
When are you planting a new one? We Forrests can come to the dedication; as you can imagine, we love trees.
Madge said…
I hate losing a good tree......
Stu said…
Tell your Dad to get off the roof ;)

I think you will enjoy the sunshine and the knowledge that it won't be crashing on your house during the next storm.

It's done. *sigh* But we were catching large branches with each new gust...what a mess.

We still have 9 trees; now we can plant a garden.
I hate to see trees go, too. But, I loved your words ..."The sky will look scarred ". That describes it so perfectly!
JCK said…
Oh, that is a really, really hard one.

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