Christmas Eve ramblings, the Insomniac Edition

Well hello there. Dawn has not broken yet my brain just might be for I cannot sleep. This happens with some regularity; three a.m. rolls around and some switch in my brain gets flipped on and my mind races, typically with PLANS for the day or alternately, I think of zombies and Stephen King movies and run-on sentences.

(It's foggy here. I'm shutting the blinds.)

And because it is Christmas Eve, aka my Mom's birthday in these parts, my to-do list coupled with a sinus headache made the coaxing back to sleep thing impossible.

So here I am, packaging rum cakes and sharing my incoherent thoughts with you, dear reader.

I like the new Monica Gellar show. I find it funny. Don't judge

I am still searching for the perfect rum cake pan. I will know it when I see it.

I miss last year's snow. I just do.

I inherited my Mom's making-crafts-until-the-last-minute-for-Christmas gene. It makes me feel mentally ill and yet, I can't stop myself.

I am brewing up a Deep Moments with Stuart Smalley sort of post about forgiveness, which sounds meek & mild, and baby Jesus worthy but I am not there yet.

Speaking of not being there yet: We are church-less these days. We've been invited to several Christmas Eve services today. I don't feel ready. I feel broken.

I am thankful for my family, and my smart girls, and my sweet and exhausting dogs. The quiet, where there will soon be frenzy; the promise of a new year.

And maybe a nap later today.

I still believe in Christmas miracles.

(Merry Christmas! ox)


LarryG said…
one thing about being broken - that is actually why there is Christmas, and the arrival wasn't for those that were good enough - they railroaded the man - i read somewhere lately "he came for real sinners with real problems, not just those of us who miss bible study now and then." so imho when you think you are broken you are ready, when you think you are not ready, well, you are even more ready!
Christmas love to you and all of your kin!
lapoflux said…
Oh Lisa - my brain has been working over time the last couple of nights too. Sigh. And it just makes me even more scattered during the day.

I am sure I have forgotten something important.

Sorry about the sinuses - mine are not happy campers either. Bah Humbug.

But MERRY CHRISTMAS!! And you know it will be fun - and that we are all blessed!

Lots of love to you and yours!


(I like Larry's comment... makes you think)
Oh do I sing that same song. I've been getting up at "dark thirty" way too often lately, and I cannot for the life of me shut off my brain. Annoying? Just a lot.

Hope you feel better soon. Sinus infections are very ungroovy.

I wanted to drop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas, full of light and laughter (and especially for you, a deep, peaceful sleep!!)
Christine said…
Hate insomnia...I do crosswords on my iPhone when I wake and night. That keeps my brain from turning on and gets me back to sleep in 15 minutes or so.

Much love and Merry Christmas to you!
Madge said…
I hope you had a great Xmas.....
Stu said…
I don't know if the rum cake you delivered was baked in the perfect pan but it sure tasted wonderful. You can deliver unperfectly baked goods any time :)

Shana said…
Similar to Christine, I have been doing Sudoku on my blackberry when the insomnia hits. Nightly. I ready somewhere that if you're going to get up, then get up. But if you're going to *try* to get back to sleep, avoid any bright lights, the computer screen, or reading a book. For me, though, falling back to sleep always seems to come right about 15 minutes before it is time to get up anyway. Then every 10 days or so, I just run. out. Completely. Just out of juice. And then I sleep too early or too late and feel ruined. Wow, I am a basket of sunshine in your comments today. You're welcome.

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