best dad ever (a little love from Zack)

Zack crouched at the end of the table, stealing glances at Greg while he unwittingly posed, watching football.

Zack worships Greg. It is something to behold.

(It makes me ache when Greg is working long hours, and is far away. It makes me glad Christmas is nearly here.)


Awwww. That is the sweetest thing ever.
I love his 8 year old cursive. It's so sweet.
Stu said…
It is good to have your own personal portrait artist.

Anonymous said…
Awww - that is very sweet. And I love his cursive too! My 8 year-old was just this second asking me for a mini laptop because his handwriting is bad.
And I am loving your Christmas look - very festive!
Tracy (I am too lazy to log in!)
Suzanne said…
That is so dang cute... and wonderful cursive for such a little guy. =)
Anonymous said…
Cursive? I'm impressed. You have some good men in your life.
What a blessing to be married to a guy who inspires that sort of affection - too sweet!
Anonymous said…
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