patch, pumpkin

Cooler temperatures?
Gourds galore?
I love this time of year.

Get the flash player here:

I may have went a little overboard with the camera.
And Happy birthday to my little sister, Lori!


brandy101 said…
cute pics!

It was FREEZING here but Columbus day weekend, hubby took kiddo to a pumpkin farm in WI and she had a great time despite the temps.
Shana said…
Wow, your pics are gorgeous. What kind of camera are you using? Looks like fun!
Thanks! I have a Nikon D40, that I really don't know how to use properly.

man, you've got cute kids!
stephanie said…
These photos are so vibrant and fun! I can even forgive the Redskins jersey; it fits the fall color theme well...

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