We don't live in a pineapple, under the sea;
But look what she found: Gary! It's he!

(For my girl, she who loves all creatures.)


LarryG said…
just watch out for that squidwurd! (sp?)
Hello Gary.

When my oldest daughter, Kristen, was little she randomly named a snail on the front walk Pete. Soon, Pete was everywhere. Later, she realized they weren't all the same snail. Now? All snails are Petes, and she's 25.

That is all.
Stu said…
your daughter is adorable. that she has befriended a snail, and named him Gary? that's just even more adorable.
Smiling and pigtailed and so sweet is she!

MamaMilton's LittleGirl!
stephanie said…
I love your girl's fantastic junior high hair, and the fact that she will hold a snail.

You have done well.
Beck said…
Snails are actually pretty cute.

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