a study in distraction

I was making waffles and sipping coffee when I noticed the recycling on the counter. Being the natural procrastinator that I am, I quickly chastised myself to take it to the garage because this waiting around stuff is silly. See also: my 20s.

So, I circle around the bin, passing cork boards recently recovered in the Post-Staging, Cleaning Out the Storage Unit 2000-niner - wuzzah - and it occurs to me that I should buy the gooey blue stuff and hang them today, before the Monroes come to dinner - should we have strawberry shortcake? - and shouldn't I be tacking up the medical paperwork to said boards of cork for camp next week, the way God intended.

(The cork boards were the first thing my realtor told me dump. Boo hiss and the destruction of any semblance of organization in the Casa Milton.)

I head straight to my laptop next because it occurs to me I don't know where the bus depot is exactly - darn identical strip malls - or how much we owe to make good with the camp, when I smell the burning waffles.

It's a wonder I ever get anything done.

Now, what was I doing?


stephanie said…
Agggghh. Though this makes me feel more sane, because it is WHAT I DO on a regular basis. Except for the making of real waffles part.

Your bulletin boards inspired mine - and you've reminded me I have to get the same forms filled out and ready to go for Monday...Want me to pick you up on the way to the mysterious drop point? Don't answer now; tend to your breakfast.
I feel your befuddled memory pain. Been there, do that, on a daily basis. It keeps getting worse the older I get. I have visions of being the little old lady with her piles of junk to the ceiling, the fire and rescue having to dig their way to find me.
Madge said…
this is my life. i get to the end of the day and i feel like all i really did was start a million things.... and not finish any.
katydidnot said…
one can make waffles? from, like, ingredients?
Suzanne said…
Right now? I should be doing a million things other than perusing blogs. But here I am. Distractable.
I love the warm glow of solidarity that comes from reading such posts, as I nod and echo "Oh me too...me too..."
lapoflux said…
I had a comment to leave but look - there's some laundry to do, and is that the mail, what are the kids doing and... what am I doing here again?

Glad I am not the only one who has this particular issue... wondering what the geriatric years will bring...
i absolutely never have bought a house that had a corkboard in it, and i never will. cork is evil, and only evil people use it.

was that his reasoning?

or is it that people are allergic to cork. "yes, i am very very allergic to cork," i'd say. "better not be any cork in that house," i'd say.

or something.
brandy101 said…
Oh man, this happens to me all the time.

I recall a blog posting a few months ago about a funky odor in my kitchen. We tore cabinets apart, trying to find the cause. Some days later, when I went to reheat some food, I looked in the cabinet and there was a plastic container of leftover chicken marsala that I meant to put in the fridge ACROSS THE ROOM but which inexplicably ended up in the snack cabinet!

But, honestly, since getting the hysterectomy and inching closer to my femme finale (still have one sputtering ovary left...) it has honestly gotten better, I think...

...or, at least I haven't burned anything on the stove lately. ;)
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