the good, the bad and let's not talk about the ugly

  • Good: The kids are at The Super Fun Camp all day, all week. I CAN DO ANYTHING in their absence.
  • Bad: I am not doing much; loafing. Well, being domestic and loafing. And The Super Fun Camp all day, all week is not overnight which has brought on an unexpected tearfest from the little people I claim as my own. I better start saving my pennies now for The Super Fun Sleep in a TeePee camp now.
  • Good: My kids are becoming quite accomplished swimmers; they make this landlocked mama so proud.
  • Bad: We are finishing up 4 weeks of evening lessons tonight. I'm ready for dinners, not on the run.
  • Good: I have spent countless hours with both of my kids, my friends, my friends's kids and surfed numerous VBSs, just the way I love to spend these long summer days.
  • Bad: My Google Reader IM'd me today, and is threatening to break up with me. I think it's in cahoots with my neglected blog.
and finally,

  • Good: I am becoming a certified Zumba instructor this Saturday. Me. A fitness instructor. This boggles my mind even as I look at myself in the mirror, at the body that isn't quite there yet, and still I can't see waiting until I "arrive". I love love love the music, and the people and somehow chasing this down mid-way on the fitness journey seems like a great example to my daughter, now that we are starting to have more body image talks.
  • Bad: I am having an untimely neuropathy flare-up, creating severe burning pain in my feet. I am putting on my brave face, and hoping I can dance my way through it. The pain will pass. Also: The lovely trainer has a visible sixpack. This is not bad in itself but somehow it leaves me slightly more neurotically nervous.
What about you dear reader? Or are you off, chasing summer down like me....


Shana said…
I want to be in the front row of the first class that you lead, me and both of my left feet.
lapoflux said…
I am awed by your imminent Zumba instructor title - well done Ms Milton!! If I were closer I would certainly come to a class (though I have doubts in my ability to Zumba... would I just be able to stand and cheer?)

Summer is a a tricky one - I have no clue where the days are going, but am loving a few days of unscheduled time.
Jenny O said…
That's so exciting! One more reason for us to relocate back up to the PNW- so I can have Lisa-led-lessons! =D (Alliteration for the win!)
I am SO PROUD of you! I think you will make an AWESOME Zumba instructor! I have decided blogging in the Winter is the way to go. Then we can write about how much we miss summer and how cold we are! Enjoy summer- and those kids- the words and housework can wait, right?!
Never underestimate the therrrapeutic benefit of loafing.
Loafing is a great way to unwind. Don't knock it!

I had to go to youtube to look up Zumba - it looks like a blast! I could probably even do it with my bad knees. Congrats and way to go! I think it's fabulous that you're going for it.

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