of death and hamsters

I asked after our geriatric rodent, as one might, innocently. Snickers seemed slower to me these days, and he had surpassed his life expectancy some time ago.

Still, I didn't expect to be hushed when Greg came into our room with a funny look on his face.

I didn't know that Snickers was dying last night until I had spoke too soon and then he was gone.

All morning, I waited for Lexi to remember how he was panting last night, for her to discover him for herself. But as she creeps towards her teens, she's prone to sleeping later and later and by the time she got up, I was actively keeping her from him.

I knew she'd be crushed - she'd understand - but she'd be crushed and I didn't want to dump her off for Orchestra camp, teary and miserable.

Then, she was invited to spend the day with one of my best friends, to grocery shop and cook dinner with her friend Quinn, and I kept the news to myself.

She will swim tonight and then I will tell her and we'll bury his little body in the hole Greg dug last night, knowing he'd be away when the time came to say goodbye to our girl's sweet little friend.

snickers returns


Sorry about the demise of your family pet. But if you hurry, Snickers can be buried on same day as Michael Jackson.
Madge said…
what a thing to carry with you all day. hope it goes well....
RIP Snickers. I am sorry for your loss, Lexi.
Suzanne said…
Oh, sad. I'm sorry. I remember when we buried Jachin's guinea pig (name: Funny Treebeard The Pooping Machine), he made us say a prayer and make a grave marker with cardboard and spray paint. It was a solemn day.

Sorry, Lexi.
stephanie said…
We all had a moment of silence for Snickers. He lasted longer than our Mario & Sniffers; he was an inspiration.
Bee said…
RIP Snickers.
it's a very sad day when a girl out lives her hamster.

it probably would have been poor taste to suggest the funeral caterers bring snickers bars.
Your post title sounds vaguely Steinbeckian or even Faulknerian. I'm sure that Lexi is sad, but I suspect the new doggie probably eases the pain a bit, eh?

It's always sad to lose a pet. Lexi is lucky to have a mom and dad who understand that and make it easier.
Mrs. G. said…
I'm sorry about Snickers. I once tried to give my daughter's cockatiel mouth to mouth to save him when she was at a sleep over. No luck, Sweetie died in my hands.

Like you, we had a family burial.

RIP Snickers.
brandy101 said…
aw poor snickers. he was cute. But they have a short lifespan so...
Lu-lu said…
I miss my pet, but I have a dog and I'm getting a dog, so I'm happy.

He did survive Sophie, (a previous dog of mine,) and little kids "playing" with him.

RIP my pet,
Lu Lu

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