here's to independence

And bat ears.

Courtney has commandeered my blog because clearly I have been neglecting my computer. She says: Light 'em up and play it safe and enjoy this weekend.

(And also: When can she expect all the bells and whistles to stop? Because at 14 pounds, she's not really grasping all this patriotic fervor. She's bitty and unsure of the backyard now that our neighborhood sounds like a war zone. *sigh*)


Shana said…
I want to grab that pooch and give her snuggles. She is so stinking cute.

And I'm with her on the fireworks. I am so over it. Enough already.
Love the bat ears ;)

Happy 4th to my American friends. Hope you have a great weekend!
JCK said…
Happy 4th to Courtney and clan!
Saucy said…
Dogs get a little skittish around the fireworks and the frenzy. Even bat-dogs.

Happy Fourth!
Suzanne said…
Bat ears AND bunny ears.

Happy 4th!
hope the fireworks (or as Ella says "fireworking") didn't bother Courtney too much!
susiej said…
Happy Fourth... they are both adorable!

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