turning to genius

Mama Milton is lazy. On a beach most likely this week. While she is away, she wanted to turn your attention to some posts she has adored this summer. With no further ado, I give you three links for you to love:

Halushki's Eggplant Recipe. No, really. You should go RIGHT NOW. I need her to write a cookbook.

Bad Mom's For the Love of... It's one of her first posts. It's when she took my application for BFF status. She and Jen decided to let me in the circle.

Tracy's Tantrums of the Grown Up Type I love her honesty. And despite her tantrums, she is kind. She even sent my girl a rockin' math book. See why I love bloggers?

Stacy's Will the real Godzilla please step forward? If this isn't life with little boys, I don't know what is. The road to peace IS bumpy.

Need more? Check out my blogroll. There's gotta be something there to pique your interest...


JCK said…
Oh, I hope you are having a wonderfully relaxing beach time! We're holding a spot for your return. ;)

And love in your self-description that you call yourself a goofball!
holly said…
if you have been on the beach for even a minute you have gotten more sun than we are getting in wales.

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