Grrr Aargh

Grrr Aargh
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I have a little secret. I don't know if it is healthy for a grown woman to admit it but I love Buffy. You know, the slayer. Maybe you missed this cancelled series while you were off doing more important things. That's understandable. But hear me out before you scoff.

I didn't watch Buffy from the start. In 1997, the only TV show I watched was the X-files. I worked weeknights and I watched movies late at night. I wouldn't have watched it anyway; I wasn't impressed by the campy movie.

I think I first caught an episode on FX while I was folding clothes and the boys (Zack and his cousin, Austin) were sleeping. I was deep in the throes of domestic life, overwhelmed with Zack's special needs and I didn't get out much. I was bored and blue. I figured I could use a little diversion.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, at first glance, is a high school drama centered around a shallow teen girl that happens to be chosen to fight all sorts of undead. That's a fair analysis. But ask any Joss Whedon fan and they will tell you there's more to it--themes of sacrifice, duty and good vs. evil. And don't forget the witty, delicious writing.

So I remain obsessed, jonesing for the next Whedon project. Come back, Mutant Enemy, come back. I'll be waiting.


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