Dapple. Dapple. Dapple.

It was the word whirling around in my brain, as I walked the dogs this morning, early enough so that many a commuter got to see me pick up the business Jake so graciously dumped along a busy corridor.

Dappled in sunshine, words robbed of their meaning, being quaint and all. But it was ever so lovely out today, I could hardly stand it.

After a four mile journey, both mutts came to rest on my unmade bed, exhausted and utterly content to lay in the sun.


My days are interrupted since the move. We live auspiciously close to both schools, yet too far to realistically walk back and forth to their respective schools, especially considering their schedules are staggered. [Come spring - and more sunshine dapple dapple dapple I plan to work in walking/riding bikes, etc one drop-off/pick up or another each day.] So I'm a preschool mom again, setting timers for the school Siren's call, luring me in to the schools four times a day.

Or in this case, five. Today, as I write this, I wait with my son and both dogs while Lexi auditions for a play. Or at least I hope that's what she's doing. She has been trying to talk herself out of it all winter break, as her Dad and I try to convince her it's a great idea. And it would be good for my introverted girl to go through any audition. Of course she knows that 'good for you' is just parentspeak for pushing yourself into doing something difficult, like eating your veggies or getting along with your brother. So I'm especially proud of her for trying something new, something that puts her on edge and opens new doors for her.

And if someday soon, she is dappled in spotlight - please help me - all the better.


JCK said…
dappled...a delightful bon mot! :)

Happy New Year, Lisa!

Here's to encouraging introverted girls to audition! Some of our best actresses are introverted.
w said…
I can relate to this dappling...I haven't yet figured out how to work it so it doesn't frustrate me... I like your spin on it.
You've inspired me to find my dapple. A long walk on a breezy, sunshiny day is just the ticket. But to push myself as well.

Happy New Year.
Jenny O said…
Please let us know how it goes for Lexi- I had such fun in theatre, both on stage and behind it!
Mrs. G. said…
I hope the audition went well. I love the look of your blog. It's so lovely.

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