Learning curve

Ah, I am actually writing a post. You know, the whole point to my blog. I spent hours, this past sunny weekend, working on both my sites, trying to figure out how the magic happens. I grew up in the late 80's. I am here to report I learned nothing useful in college, those many years ago, that pertains to the computer in my lap. Simple tasks are slow going. And the jargon, oh the jargon. You, the audience I will have once I figure out how to syndicate this puppy, would pity me, perhaps even shun me if you when how pathetic I really am at this stuff.

I also added a dopey picture to both sites. When scrolling through our family albums, it is clear who is snapping the shots. I didn't have many to choose from, yet I found one I could live with and cropped it, and wahla, there I am. I look a little tipsy in it, but it's just me being happy I guess because I was quite sober on the night in question. Greg has promised to help me create some new picture, you know, of my eye or something. See, I am catching on.


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